Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Klub Oase: Rumah Kak Fattah dan Pelabuhan Merak

28 September 2016

Hari ini aku ke rumah kak Fattah dan Pelabuhan Merak. Aku bangun jam 6 pagi dan ketemu       temen aku, Ibrahim dan Adam. Lalu kami menunggu di rest area. Jam 8 temen-temen aku datang deh. Ada Abi, Domi, Alisha, Brian, Joshua, Duta dan Oji. Bersama-sama kami menuju ke rumah Kak Fattah.                                      

Kami sampai di rumah kak Fattah. Lalu aku main-main keliling komplek. Main kejar-kejaran sama Oji, Alisha, Domi, Abi, Ibrahim dan Duta.

Jam 10 baru deh ke Pelabuhan Merak. Kita dijelaskan tentang kapal dan disana ada 5 dermaga untuk parkir kapal. Aku juga melihat mobil, motor, bus dan truk masuk ke dalam kapal feri. Kapal feri dari Pelabuhan Merak hanya ke Pelabuhan Bakauheni di Lampung. Perjalanan 2-3jam.

Lalu kita masuk ke dalam kapal feri. Kita dijelaskan tentang jacket pelampung untuk anak-anak. Jumlah pelampung harus sejumlah penumpang. Setelah itu kita turun dari kapal feri.

Lalu kita makan siang bersama-sama. Tante Moi dan Om Ican bikin Rabeg, Tumis Kulit Tangkil, tahu dan tempe goreng dan juga ada sate bandeng.

Setelah makan siang, aku main lagi sama temen aku. Kita foto dulu sebelum pulang


Monday, August 15, 2016

Klub Oase: Museum Nasional Festival Habibie

Aku naik motor ke Museum Nasional. Lalu ketemu Tante Annette, Domi, Dottie dan Babas. Terus masuk ke Festival Habibie. Lalu kita makan siang terus Domi ke toilet. Domi ketemu Magnus terus makan sama-sama Magnus. Terus abis makan kita ke DaVinci Learning. Kalau sudah empat stamp di kasih sertifikat dan pin. Gak lama kita pulang deh. TAMAT    

Friday, August 12, 2016

Edutrip;Taman Mini

halo nama ku fritz aku pergi ke taman miniAku bangun jam 05;00 terus aku ke marunda aku nyampe di marunda terus aku masuk ke bus aku duduk di depan terus nyampe ini terus aku ngumpul di TMII   bagi kelompok ada kelompok 1234567 aku di kelompok empat terus kita main games museum indonesia dalamnya bagus banget lantai nya tiga terus pemenang nya yang bener semua tulisannya      menang kita itu Games1 Games2 nyanyi Lagu jali-jali jakarta terus ke Taman burung terus keluar dari taman burung terus main games ke 3 tebak-tebak burung. terus main puzzle burung kelompok     nya aku bikin lima puzzle terus pulang deh TAMAT


Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Field Trip: Sari Roti

Hari ini aku dan mama field trip ke Sari Roti sama Tante Ines. Kita sampai jam 9. Kita udah tunggu lama nggak di kasih masuk. Akhirnya masuk juga dan duduk di tempat nama nya white bread.

udah kan duduk tuh terus di omongin. Tentang sari roti. Terus di suruh baris. Terus jalan terus nggak di kasih masuk ke dalam pabrik    jadinya lihatnya dari jendela atas nah ini adonan nya bikin dulu terus di masukin tuh adonannya
ke dalam Oven ovennya banyak banget!.

Katanya didalam situ panas sekali! sampai 28 derajat celcius itu panas banget loh jadikan udah jadi kan rotinya terus rotinya jalan teruskan jalan tuh pas dilihat banyak! roti terus jalan lagi roti nya di plastikin rotinya udah selesai rotinya terus balik ke tempat yang tadi terus duduk terus dapet roti banyak terus turun terus keluar sama foto udah pulang.

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Summer Class - Day 3

Our third day was doing worksheet about time. Some of them still didn't know about time, but they could catch up very quick. Their hands were busy writing, gluing and cutting the paper.

After they finished with the worksheet, it's time to crafting. We made a clock. I asked them to write number from 1 - 12 around the color paper. Then, I explained that we're going to learn about the minute behind the numbers 1-12 in the clock. They had to add 5 in every number and wrote it behind the numbers. 

The most exciting part is doing this experiment - Density Experiment. They couldn't wait for their turn to pour these liquid into their glass jar. 

Honey - Syrup - Milk - Dish Soap - Vegetable Oil

Before they were being picked up, they asked to play with ice and food coloring. I added vinegar and baking soda to get their thrill. ^_^

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Summer Class 2015 - Day 2

Today, we're going to make PIZZA!! Wohoooooo!!

I've got the recipe from here. I usually use this recipe every time I make a pizza. Very recommended!

I asked them to read the ingredients before we measure the flour, yeast, salt, sugar and so on. They didn't show any enthusiast reading it. So, I was straight asking them to measure all the ingredients. Happy faces of them! :D

Mixing the flour with salt, waiting the yeast and cutting the sausages by themselves. I gave them a sausage each to avoid grumbling from them. 

After the yeast was ready, they mixed it with flour. They got their own turn. 

I've made the dough before they came. So when their dough was rested, I gave them mine and asked them to press it on the brass. Full of their hands, everybody wanted their turn. LOL

Then, decorate it with sauce and sausages. They requested sausages and cheese toppings only for their pizza. Kiddos! 

Time for baking..

While it was baking, they played catch and throw the ball in my small space yard.

Tadaaa...the pizza was ready!

They were busy to decide whether to eat now or bring it home. The result was....eat now and bring home! LOL :D :D :D

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Summer Class 2015 - Day 1

Honestly, I didn't have any plan to arrange any Summer Class this month or even this year. Suddenly, a friend of mine asked my favor to make it for her daughter and 2 nieces of her. They had their school holiday and there wasn't anything they do at home. Despite of having everyday's battle at home, she asked me to make some busy activities for them. I accepted her challenge. :D

The theme of today was Water Cycle. I've got all the ideas mostly from Pinterest. The first activity when they came was explaining about what Water Cycle is. I explained through my laptop. Unfortunately, my printer was off. I had to go here and there to find a place to print some materials for them. Thankfully, I made it before they arrived at 10 o'clock. 

I asked them to color the printable and they seemed not really enthusiast doing it. Coloring isn't the best one! :D

Next, we played with shaver cream and food coloring. I prepared two jars for boy and girl. Then, I asked them to fill the jars with water. I gave shaver cream on the top of the water and asked them drop the food coloring on it. 

"It was so yummy, looks like an ice cream!!"

After few minutes dealing with drops, I gave them free play. They mixed all the colors on it and looked amazingly pretty. But in the end, it was so messy and the color was totally not good. In fact, they was so happy with that! LOL

Last, we made a craft about Water Cycle. Again, I've got the idea from Pinterest. I made the sun for them and asked them to decorate the sun by their own. Then, I asked them to stick the cotton balls as the cloud and color the water as an ocean. I made some water drops and asked them to color and cut it by themselves. In the end, I tied the sun on the top, cotton balls next and water drops as the rain, followed by the ocean. 

Kids and the Water Cycle Craft