Sunday, November 11, 2012

Preschool : Letter O

Fritz is currently 43 months 2 weeks

This week, we had Letter O combined with Octonauts Theme. 

Letter O

Tracing bubles

Circling letter O's objects

Another worksheet of O objects

Coloring O objects

Making letter O

His favorite activity, mazing

Finding way for the Owl to get home

Circle letter O in Little Boy Blue Nursery Rhyme

Making way by alphabet sequence from A to O

Learning the first letter of objects

Simple puzzle

Learning how to write more on O 

Cutting circle like O

Sequencing the octopus

Tracing the missing head of Octopus

Doing the lower case

Doing the upper case

Related to letter O we leant this week, we chose Octonauts as our theme. I've got the material from 1+1+1 as usual.

He insisted to cut the puzzle by himself.

Tracing the first letter of Octonaut's characters

O maze, his favorite activity ever

Doing puzzle by matching the head and the body

Tracing lines

Tracing shapes


I made a 'kunyit asem' herb for myself. It's made of tamarind and turmeric with palm sugar to make it a bit sweet. He asked me to try it and of course he loves it so much. It's really good actually for health. However, after he drank it two glass, he got diarrhea. LOL
It's a moment that we could go together again with Oma. I had to buy something in Gramedia, so I asked Oma to accompany us. It's just a few hours only. After we had our dinner, we went home. Oma had an appointment with her friends so we just dropped her in front of the mall. 

I and Lona's mom had some plans in the future. We decided to meet and talk about it. We were being picked up by them in our apartment then we went to MKG, the nearest mall from our apartment.

Fritz was happy seeing Lona and both of them were getting busy body and caring each other. Here's the moment I captured. 

We went home by public transportation [angkot] from there as Lona's parents still had something to do in the mall. 

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