Sunday, February 16, 2014

K4 : Week 46

Fritz is currently 4 years 10 months


For such long time we didn't have any theme worksheet for our homeschooling days. He missed it so much! >,< Honestly, my days are getting busier nowadays and it's hard to find time to print the paper for him. Here we did during Valentine's days. Not much but he's kinda so happy with what we did in that week.


Actually, it's a failed project. I bought wrong type of crackers so it's a bit difficult to be poured with chocolate. I supposed to buy Ritz crackers without any filling in between. At last we had a fun when making it. XOXO


Making heart with tangram. He still needs help while making it.


We celebrated Valentine's day at my work field, Alpha Education Center. Together with other teachers and kids, we took pictures on the top floor. 

Another pictures with girls

Pictures with boys before going home

I've got chocolate from Nathan, my lovely plump boy.

This one was from my ex student, she's now in Secondary High School. 

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