Saturday, August 18, 2012

Preschool : Doc McStuffin & Human Body

Fritz is currently 40 months 3 weeks

This week we combined 2 themes, Doc McStuffin & Human Body. As he's very enthusiast with this new cartoon characters, I thought it's a good idea to learn about it. I've got the free worksheet from 1+1+1 as usual

Human Body

We had the worksheets from They provide lots of free worksheet for preschoolers and others. For this human body theme, they have few worksheets and it's very useful for me. :)
Sense of hearing
Sense of tasting
Sense of seeing

Compilation of various worksheet.

Doc McStuffin
Finding letters according to the character's names and tracing it after that.

His fave activity, finding letter D and making lines.

Another one, sequencing the numbers from 1-20. Good job!

Making lines from Upper to Lower Case Letters

Tracing shapes' line. He loved it so much

He loves to play water every time we stay in Opa's house. Every afternoon, he has a chance to play with it while Oma is busy cleaning up the floor. Sometimes he does silly thing; watering Oma!! LOL
Love to see this happy face! 
*it's still in the morning while he played with water and I'd chance to capture his silly act

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