Sunday, January 13, 2013

Preschool : Letter S and Solar System

Fritz is currently 45 months 2 weeks

Letter S

Color by the clues and it became a star

Color the objects

Circle the S objects

His lovely letter maze

Circle letter S on nursery rhyme

All 'bout letter S

Follow the letter S

Connect the dots

Another connect the dots worksheet

Upper case of Letter S

Lower case of letter s

Making letter S

Solar System
This week, we started to learn about Solar System. He's not really surely loved it. He's didn't really into to learn about Solar System. :D However, here's what we did during this week. All the worksheet from Learning Page.

Circle objects by instructions

Make a shape and color the object by instructions

Color by instructions

Math - adding one

Count the objects and color the aliens

Count the objects

Draw a line

Color the same one

Matching the shadow

Color the rockets

Connect the dots

Circle the circles

Fill the shapes with stripes and circles

Circle the more objects

Match the objects and color the shapes

Write number 1 and 2

Circle the odd one

The rocket wanna back to the earth. Find the way!


We made a giant solar system in a piece of brown carton. I've got the material from one of my best and she kindly shared with me. She had it from Learning Page. It's very great material I've had ever. Thanks, Isma....^_^

I asked Fritz to paste and color the planets and all the stuffs. First, he's so enthusiast to apply the glue then he found out it's a bit boring and he asked me to apply it for him. Luckily, he's eager to color it. 

Wow! It's so cool!! I put it on our room. However, it's not lasting. It's so heavy and always fell down all the time. I decided to just wrapped it out. 

Learning Toys

One day in the afternoon, while I didn't have any class that day, we played Angry Birds. He asked me to make the tower for him and he released the birds. I really loved his style. He could estimated his shooting and hit the pigs. Great! :D

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