Sunday, January 27, 2013

Preschool : Letter T and Transportation

Fritz is currently 46 months
Letter T

Circle objects starting with letter T

Connect the dots making Trucks

Color by orders making Tractor

Objects starting with letter T

Connect T dots into Tree

Help Turtle to get its Taxi

Make uppercase T

Do T maze

Make lowercase T

We had a little project. This is one of them, making traffic signs. I've found those pictures via Google then I printed out. After that, I asked Fritz to paste on a carton. Then, I cut again the traffic signs. In the end, I put sticks behind the pictures and put on Styrofoam that I've cut into pieces. Tadaaaa....our first project this week. 

The next day, we wanted to make a road. I used a white manila carton. Then I made the road pattern before we painted. Firstly, Fritz was so eagerly painting it. Few minutes after that, he said he's tired already. Ugh! >,< So I had to finish it by myself. Look so pretty, huh?! :D


Here's the rules:
- Wash hand before eat
- Sit on the chair
- Eat on the table
- Eat by yourself, noone helps feeding you
- Can't walk away before you finish
- Eat till all the food is over
- Put the dish on the sink by yourself after you've done

I'm really strict with this rules and thankfully he does it every time we have meal. I'm still learning to ask Fritz praying before eating as I'm not doing the same thing *praying*. Sometimes, he prays but mostly he doesn't. 

Fritz wrote his name and his friend's name by himself for his friend's birthday present. I had to help him to spell the letter of his friend's name before he wrote it. 

His favorite spot for reading his magazines. He could spend more than half an hour sitting on that place. :D


Yay!! Ipho was coming again to Jakarta. Fritz was so happy seeing her. Full story here...

Fritz was attending Om Rendra's wedding party. Here's the story...

Fritz was celebrating Rafael's 4th Birthday Party at Bakmi Gajah Mada, MKG. Here's the story...

He loves watching Barongsai show. He even never feels any afraid with it's loud sound during the show. He could sit or stand from the beginning till the end of its performance. 

This time, we watched it from the 2nd floor of Mall Kelapa Gading after attending Rafael's birthday party. 

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