Sunday, July 07, 2013

K4 : Week 14

Fritz is currently 4 years 3 months

Our 3rd week theme was about Fruit and Vegetables. This week, Ms Yuli was going to Singapore for vacation with her family and also checking her mom's health. So it's just me and Ms Sarah handling these 5 kids in the class. Here's what we did during this week...
Art: Stamping with carrot and potato

Find the same pictures

Craft: Making strawberry hand fan

Planting the green beans

Racing for filling their plate with healthy food

Pasting all the fruit and vegetables they'd got during the racing

Stamping their hands to be corn leaves

Applying corns from crepe paper

Cooking Time!! Making fruit satay :9

Fritz had an opportunity to watch a movie with a girl friend named Nicole. He was totally excited when Nicole asked him after the class. The worst case was both of us weren't taking a bath that morning and I wasn't using any color on my face. Oh gosh!! Both of us were pretty ugly of course... :P :P

I parked my motor on Nicole mom's shop then we rode her car to Puri Indah Mall. Badly, the cinema hadn't opened yet. We decided to fulfill our tummy with Hoka Hoka Bento first for our lunch. The kids ate the Kidzu Bento, that's for kids and they had toys. Yeah, they're so excited!

Time to buy the ticket and watch the movie. They're really like teens who had date. It's really sweet of them. We watched Monster University. Both were sitting still till the end of the story with their toys in hand. Never find any date with toys in both hands. LOL

Thanks Nicole's mom for the treat! ^_^

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