Sunday, July 14, 2013

K4 : Week 15

Fritz is currently 4 years 3 months

Our Summer Class was going to the end this week. Our last theme was about 5 senses. 

Pasting the name of part of body

Touching Experiment: Hot and cold.
All of them were absolutely excited holding the ice cube. 

Worksheet: Matching the senses

Smelling Experiment

Craft: Making Maracas

Tasting Experiment

Last day! Calem's 2nd birthday party.
Calem is Ms Yuli's son. He's not joining with the HoliGram but all of the kids loved the party so much.

Our Summer Class was over!!

His enthusiasm in writing was quite big. After we had dinner with Popo {grandma from paternal side}, he didn't get to sleep. He asked for paper and he started to write all the member of family's name. He wrote my name, Papa's name, MAMA, PAPA, OPA, OMA, UNCLE, SUKSUK {uncle from paternal side, Ali's lil brother}, POPO. I forgot where I kept the picture, so I couldn't post any picture here. Too bad! :(


We're visiting Tante Emil, one of Papa's friends from college. She's just delivering her second child, Alvin Abimanyu. He looks so gorgeous!! 

We had three voucher that we bought before from LivingSocial for enjoying dimsum. Firstly we bought 3 vouchers as we thought they would count Fritz. Then they said that Fritz wasn't being counted as he's just a kid {kid doesn't eat lots}. So we asked my MIL to join with us enjoying dimsum at Acacia Hotel, Ming Restaurant. What a great dinner!!

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