Sunday, July 28, 2013

K4 : Week 17

Fritz recently 4 years 4 months

This week, we didn't much do as I was busy with my online shop. There's lots of things to be done as last week I was totally spend days at the funeral home. 

Reading Eggs
Today, we had a replacement test in Reading Eggs. Finally we could join with Reading Eggs with special price for homeschoolers. I really wanted to say thank you to one of my homeschooler's friend, Kak Ophie. I joined with Reading Eggs only for 200K rupiah.

As we had new account, Fritz needed to have a test first and the result was he's in level 6. Great!


"What time is it, Mama?" {Jam berapa sekarang?}
"What day is today, Mama?" {Hari apa sekarang?}

Recently, he's quite busy asking about time and day. It related with the movie he wanted to watch in Disney Channel, Cars. As he's getting better in his English, he could read the day and time. Then he couldn't stop asking me about the day and time every day until the movie was playing. 

I think it's a great start to let him know more about time. I printed some clock's worksheets for him. He's quite okay and excited to learn it. Great!

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