Sunday, November 03, 2013

K4 : Week 31

Fritz is currently 4 years 7 months

Human Body

It's time for Digestive System. First thing, we had to watch how our digest works. So we went to to see more about it. Then, I brought out his toys. So he could see clearly what's inside our body and also the parts. He looked so enthusiast. I asked him to color the picture to be pasted in our body parts. Now he knows what happens when the food goes inside our body. Great job, boy!


The next day, we came again to Nicole's house. Though he promised never ever back to Nic's house, the fact, he went back and couldn't wait to play with her again. LOL

This time, we did simple science, mixing the oil with water, baking soda and vinegar as we did before. It's the first time for Nic. She was so excited to do it. Both we're quite busy together mixing it. 

In the end, Fritz went home with a bit piss off to Nic as she did the same thing like yesterday. I forgot what happened but I just remembered that Nic threw Fritz shoes. LOL *sigh* children!!!

Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa is the easiest language to learn because the pronunciation is as similar as the phonic. I bought this tool few years ago in Asemka. I waited for this time and I knew it's gonna be so useful for Fritz to learn about Bahasa. He's quite good in reading and making 2 syllables words in Bahasa. Nice job, boy!


Together with Nicole, we continued our Alphabet Art. We made Bee. Look at Fritz's shirt, just like a bee. :P

When we did this, there's so much silly things happened. First, when I asked who's gonna be the first one, then I asked both of them to do the scissor-rock-paper. Nicole was so tricky. She waited Fritz throwing his hand and saw what Fritz throwing then she just threw her hand to beat Fritz. So, she would be win. Tricky girl. :P

Next, after we've almost done with Fritz and Nicole had done before Fritz, I didn't ask her to wash her hand and I asked her to wait for Fritz. When she's waiting, she did the other silly thing. She put her hands into Fritz's shirt. Of course, she did it purposely and Fritz didn't like it so much. He asked Nicole to stop but she wouldn't stop. In the end, Fritz went home with crying a lot hating Nicole and promising didn't want to come back again to play with Nicole. LOL

Children so silly!! ^O^


Every Saturday, we tried to go for a mass. I preferred to go to St.Bonaventura in Pulo Mas. I loved this church, not because I've got married here. 

This week the church celebrated Requiem mass for praying for the ones had gone. They prepared a bouquet of flower in front of the church and I chose this flower. We came to pray for Pothai. 

Rest in peace, dear Pothai. I hope you get a great place in heaven. May God always bless you. Missing you badly. 


It's our last wedding party! We came to 8 wedding party in a row almost in every week. Thankfully, it's gonna be the last one. 

Look at Fritz's face when we're taking picture with Barongsai, the dragon that he loved. LOL

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