Sunday, November 10, 2013

K4 : Week 32

Fritz is currently 4 years 7 months


One day he woke up so early in the morning and he asked me to bring him to the nearby park. He wanted to play swing as he said that it's been a long time not playing it. So here we were in the park. He didn't want to be helped anymore. He just wanted me to push him from the back and let him playing by himself. Though he felt once while I was busy looking for caterpillar, he still wanted to play by himself. Oh my grown up baby!

Learning Toys

Finally Fritz had learnt how to play board game. First we played Snake and Ladder and he loved it so much. He asked for few times playing it. Then we taught him how to play Ludo. It took more time than Snake and Ladder. He loved it too but not as much as Snake and Ladder. 

The next day, he asked to play Monopoly. It's more difficult than before. He really needed help to play it as he didn't know all about money and the rest of them. I think it's too early for him to play Monopoly. One day we will play it again, okay boy?!


We wanted to buy Monopoly for Fritz. We preferred to buy it at Asemka as usual. We went by bike there to avoid a heavy traffic. The bike's engine was really made us so nervous as it suddenly could off then it would on again in few seconds. It happened few times. LOL

It's not easy looking for Monopoly, mostly they didn't have. Finally, we got one and it costed 20K rupiah. Fritz bought Cars for 13K rupiah only and he looked so excited. Then we hurried went home as the weather suddenly changed. It's getting dark.

On the way home to apartment, we stopped at Coconut hawker near Sunter's lake. We absolutely so exhausted and hungry. Thankfully we arrived home safely with that silly bike. ^_^

We had lunch at an outdoor restaurant near Alam Sutera. It's a small restaurant and less people eating there. The place itself is so nice. They provide an outdoor playground as it's a school the next of this restaurant. The price for the meal is also cheap.

The most I concerned was how Fritz was so happy playing it that place. It's the first time for him playing with these monkey bars. Firstly he was a bit scare to across it then slowly but sure he could do it by himself again and again and again. He didn't get bored at all. What a nice place!

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