Sunday, November 17, 2013

K4 : Week 33

Fritz is currently 4 years 7 months

Human Body

This time we learnt about the Urinary System. He got the explanation from KidsHealth's movie. I gave him a bit explanation about the urine and how urine can detect what happen in our body. Then he colored the picture and pasted it in our human body. 

The next day, I asked him to cover all the body with red crepe paper. Totally I made this for him. We still need to cover this body with skin and clothes and I think we're done. LOL


It's rainy days and it's time looking for caterpillar to be kept. We searched near the park but we couldn't find it. On the way of our searching, I introduced Fritz to Mimosa Pudica. It's a sensitive plant. When we touched, it will close its leave. Fritz stayed for few minutes playing with it. ^_^


He asked for doing paper so I asked him to do Math from Evan Moor. 


He wanted to make Elephant this time. He could fold the paper quite nice. He made 4 models for today; elephant, party hat, boat and aeroplane. 


I've got a tomato or we called it Ranti and Tiny Tomato from one of my friend's mom. She gave it to us and I think we're gonna plant it. I asked Papa to buy the soil for us. We had some used box from grapes and we used it for planting our tomatoes. I hope it will grow up. Hopefully...

28th December
Result : FAILED!


Fritz's first journey by plane. Complete story here...

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