Sunday, January 05, 2014

K4 : Week 40

Fritz is currently 4 years 9 months

Happy New Year 2014!

We had our own party by making shabu-shabu and seeing fireworks through our apartment. Fritz didn't like the loud sound from the fireworks so it's the best decision just staying at home. :D 

Happy New Year, may this year bring us more luck and healthier. GBUs!

Holigram Program

Our holiday program for this Christmas Edition had over this week. This was the last day for all the kids. We just had 3 kids to celebrate our last day, minus Celine {she was preparing for going to Canada this month}. So the farewell was a bit silent for us. 

The three kiddos finished their party hats and continued to have their own party by sharing their food while waiting for the chocolate melted in the kitchen. We were going to make choco corn flakes. The result wasn't good looking enough as the chocolate wasn't melting very nice. However, the kiddos enjoyed so much! LOL

We're having our last day picture together with the moms also. Thanks for joining our holiday program, friends!! 


We decided to go to Lembang in our first day in 2014. More story here...

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