Sunday, January 12, 2014

K4 : Week 41

Fritz is currently 4 years 9 months

worksheet from KindergartenKindergarten.

worksheet from
worksheet from


When I gave this material to Fritz, he easily got understand about this topic. He could understand the difference between the living and the non living things, also the criteria of the living things. Good job, boy!

Source: Teacher Pay Teacher, free material


Starting the new year spirit, let's cooking something!

Fritz loved to watch McDonald's toys in YouTube. How he amazed that toy when it could make a nugget. He showed it to me and asked for making that kind of nuggets. Actually it's a very simple. Here's the recipe:

- bread
- corn flakes
- honey
- cookie cutter

How to make it:
1. Crash the corn flakes using the rolling pin, separate in a plate
2. Make some shapes in your bread using the cookie cutter, we chose Mickey
3. Dip the Mickey's bread into the honey
4. Then dip in the corn flakes crumbs

Tadaaa....we're done! It's a simple nugget ala Fritz. Enjoy it...^_^

Fine Motor
cutting the chocolate bar from Kumon books


My childhood snack! I bought one for Fritz and he loved it too. When you eat it, there's something popping in your mouth. :D

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