Thursday, January 16, 2014

Learning Toys : Lego Cars from Shell

with his Lego's cars

Few months ago, Shell had a promotion - buying V-Power 30 liters then we could redeem a Lego car for 40K rupiah. We don't use any gas from Shell so we couldn't get the cars

Recently, Shell closed the promotion but they still had lots of cars to be redeemed. Then they put some requirements to get the cars by buying 2 liters for motor and we could get the cars - still for 40K rp. Wohooo...good offering!

So we collected the Lego. The first one was the Ferari and the second was the other red cars.

The third

The fourth

The fifth 

Papa bought the last three together and we made that in the same day. How happy he was!!

Badly,we didn't get the truck. It's finished! :(

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