Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Summer Class 2015 - Day 1

Honestly, I didn't have any plan to arrange any Summer Class this month or even this year. Suddenly, a friend of mine asked my favor to make it for her daughter and 2 nieces of her. They had their school holiday and there wasn't anything they do at home. Despite of having everyday's battle at home, she asked me to make some busy activities for them. I accepted her challenge. :D

The theme of today was Water Cycle. I've got all the ideas mostly from Pinterest. The first activity when they came was explaining about what Water Cycle is. I explained through my laptop. Unfortunately, my printer was off. I had to go here and there to find a place to print some materials for them. Thankfully, I made it before they arrived at 10 o'clock. 

I asked them to color the printable and they seemed not really enthusiast doing it. Coloring isn't the best one! :D

Next, we played with shaver cream and food coloring. I prepared two jars for boy and girl. Then, I asked them to fill the jars with water. I gave shaver cream on the top of the water and asked them drop the food coloring on it. 

"It was so yummy, looks like an ice cream!!"

After few minutes dealing with drops, I gave them free play. They mixed all the colors on it and looked amazingly pretty. But in the end, it was so messy and the color was totally not good. In fact, they was so happy with that! LOL

Last, we made a craft about Water Cycle. Again, I've got the idea from Pinterest. I made the sun for them and asked them to decorate the sun by their own. Then, I asked them to stick the cotton balls as the cloud and color the water as an ocean. I made some water drops and asked them to color and cut it by themselves. In the end, I tied the sun on the top, cotton balls next and water drops as the rain, followed by the ocean. 

Kids and the Water Cycle Craft

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