Thursday, July 09, 2015

Summer Class - Day 3

Our third day was doing worksheet about time. Some of them still didn't know about time, but they could catch up very quick. Their hands were busy writing, gluing and cutting the paper.

After they finished with the worksheet, it's time to crafting. We made a clock. I asked them to write number from 1 - 12 around the color paper. Then, I explained that we're going to learn about the minute behind the numbers 1-12 in the clock. They had to add 5 in every number and wrote it behind the numbers. 

The most exciting part is doing this experiment - Density Experiment. They couldn't wait for their turn to pour these liquid into their glass jar. 

Honey - Syrup - Milk - Dish Soap - Vegetable Oil

Before they were being picked up, they asked to play with ice and food coloring. I added vinegar and baking soda to get their thrill. ^_^

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