Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fun : Visiting St. Cluse house at MOI

We still have X'mas spirit this week. ^^ We saw Santa's house in Mall of Indonesia at Kelapa Gading on Monday. They'd decorated the house very nice.

Actually the first target we've been there was going to buy a laptop for me. As we saw the Santa's house first in our way so we decided to go inside. And it's free. Yeaaaaaaayyyy!! (it's supposed to be paid in the weekend)

Fritz had taken a pic with Snowman. He's getting braver to touch the snowman. Then, we saw the kitchen. It's very nice kitchen. Then, we took a pic too near the fireplace. We went up stairs and saw Santa's room. They're going to have Santa's story retelling. Some children were sitting there already.

Fritz wasn't really into in Santa's itself. He's kinda interested with the elf. The elf itself was a short man. He sat near Fritz and made him laugh all the time. He's a short funny guy.

Too bad, the camera's battery was low and we couldn't get many good pics again.

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