Sunday, October 07, 2012

Preschool : Letter L

Fritz is currently 42 months 2 weeks

This week, we had a little fun exploring Letter L. 

Letter L
Circling the objects that started with letter L using phonic. 
He made it successfully by hearing me produce the sound of the letter. 

Coloring L's objects. 
He laughed when he saw that the Lion could read a Letter. LOL

Letter L's maze.
His favorite activity!

Reading L words.

Writing lowercase of L

Writing uppercase of L
Making lollipop using dough. He was so excited to decorate his lollipop with several buttons we have.

As we had a Lemon and it related to our topic for this week, learning letter L, so we tried to make a Lemonade. We add a red syrup with Lemon. Easy and Simple. :D

Practical Life
We did Lacing this week related to letter L we learnt. We raced when we did it and in the end, he made mine and I did his. LOL. He was so proud with his creations. Silly pose!

We started letter C for Phonic book. He slowly understood the concept of phonic. Thankfully. It's really a heavy duty for me to teach him reading as I, to be hones, never got success teaching children in reading. ooouuch...>,<

Finally we finished the Math book. I'm so glad he knows mostly the concept in that book and successfully made it. Actually I really need a book like that and still save some money to buy the other book. Hopefully I can make it. ^^v

Grams took time with him by going to a mall in weekdays. It had been quite long not spending time to go to mall with Fritz. I asked Oma to bring a camera with her and I just found this picture and the rest were mostly blurred. LOL. She said that this boy adored cars so much. Yeah, that's true! ^^

Ms Winda, Aviella's mom, had just delivered her son, Ezekiel. So together with other Mom on March {mom's club}, we visited at her house. 
The kids were totally happy playing together. Fritz also was happy playing with them that mostly girls. :D Feels like the most handsome mand, huh, Fritz??!! LOL

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