Sunday, October 21, 2012

Preschool : Monster and Monster Truck

Fritz is currently 42 months 3 weeks


Starting this week, we do Calendar things. I've downloaded from Confessions of a Homeschooler. She made this Calendar paper for her kids. Thanks to her for making this free on her web. 
Fritz loves to write the numbers but he still getting familiar with the weather and days.


Coloring the Monster as the number said

Doing the Monster Parts' Names

Number Puzzle from 11 - 20

Counting the objects and coloring the numbers

Doing the monster maze

Circling the odd ones

4 parts Monster's puzzle

Matching the shadow

Matching the shape on monster's tummy
Monster Truck

Fill the missing number. He's getting good in writing the numbers

M for Monster Truck

Tracing lines

Circling the odd ones
He asked me to play outside one day in the morning, he wanted to bike his bike on the garage at Opa's house. We've put the bike here to let him playing with it always. 
This time, he asked me to put 2 things so he could turn around and around again. Actually he didn't do much in biking as I didn't spend much time with him outside. 

Fritz was having his own Raw Juice. It's really healthy juice and it really can help him when he's not fit though he didn't drink it everyday.

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