Sunday, October 28, 2012

Preschool : Unschooling

Fritz is currently 43 months

This week, Mama was pretty busy so I didn't have time to download and print the material for Fritz. So we're just "playing" around this week and it's very happy to know that we'd long holiday around this week. Yay!!


We did letter D and some words using it. I decided to postpone this activity till we're done with the tracing letter we do weekly. He actually does very well but he still needs time to focus more on letter first.

This activity usually we can find it in every toy's store in mall. As it's quite expensive for us, so I've never asked Fritz to do it. 
One of Mom's friends gave this activity for us. Fritz was really so excited and he asked me to do it. He patiently did it one by one and waited my instruction in every single of the path he must do. Good job, Fritz!

As usual, he always insisted to help me in cooking something. This time, we wanted to make Pizza and he helped me in making the dough. He has a passion in cooking and he always says that he's dreaming to be a chef. :P
Fine Motor

We've got this book from Tante Ismawati. She's very gorgeous. She gave us lots of material for learning and Kumon Scissoring Book was one of them. It's very great for Fritz's practicing his skill in scissoring. This time, he learned how to scissor a zig zag lines. He made it very well!

Present...Fritz's new table!!
We bought it in Carrefour, MOI for 109k rupiahs. Now we had a new table for studying. *just afford for buying this* :)
Papa's friend was celebrating a birthday party for her daughter. We've never met the birthday girl before and we also didn't have any picture for the birthday party. So as we arrived at ANZ Tower, mostly the guests were dressing very nice while we're just dressing very...usual. They're so gorgeous! Thankfully we're still very confident with what we wear. :)

The party was very excellent. There're lots of sweets {candies, marshmallows, chocolates, milks, etc} and very entertaining. Fritz was preferring to sit with us, gobbling many food from around and some times joining with others for seeing the performance. He also had a caricature drawings for his face and it's really not him. LOL. Overall, we're so excited with the party. Once in a life!
Fritz was feeling unwell after we had 3 days out. He was getting unhealthy and fever when we had to go to ShangRi La Hotel for attending Tante Widya and Om Andih's wedding reception. Actually I didn't want to go but Fritz wanted to go as he liked Tante Widya so much.
So, as long as we've been there, Fritz was showing not very interested. He also didn't eat lots. 
It's very funny, we met Om Anto and Tante Jeanne and also Tante Tia, Om Vidor and Lona there. Tante Jeanne and Tante Tia knew the couples. So here we are with Tante Peggy from Violet, the wedding organizer.

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