Sunday, October 14, 2012

Preschool : Letter M

Fritz is currently 42 months 3 weeks

This week, we did letter M during our days in Opa's house. Fritz got dysentery on last Saturday. So we had to make him recovered first before we continued his class. Actually, we didn't want to have any activity this week, but as usual, his eagerness in learning is very big. He insisted to study. So we just did the worksheet.
Letter M 

Mickey Mouse Theme
This theme had been done on previous week. 
Cutting the Mickey's 'n Friends' parts

Letter M's maze. He loved it so much as usual

Arranging the puzzle -- head and body puzzle. He made it fun by arranging the different parts. Silly!! :D

Tracing friends to Clubhouse

Finding and tracing the first letter of their names

Tracing shapes

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