Sunday, June 09, 2013

K4 : Week 10

Fritz is currently 4 years 2 months

This week, I really had busy days with the kids. All of them were having final exam and I had to go here and there to help them with the materials. So I didn't do much with Fritz but for sure he's quite happy this week. :)


We still continued our Phonic Reader 2 book. Look at his handwriting! So big and not really nice. Do you have any idea how to teach him writing nicely? 

Reading Eggs

Yeahh...he passed the level 3 in Reading Eggs! He passed all the 15 questions. Good job, boy!


He said he wanted to study in Alpha. So I bought few paperwork for killing time. He was so enthusiast to do it and he could make it by himself with my less supervision. Yeaaahh!!!


One day, he said that he wanted not to put on his shirt after taking a bath. He said he wanted to be like Papa  who always prefer not putting on his shirt around the house. Now, he wanted to follow Papa. To be honest, I really don't like it. Why? It's because both of their bodies are not good looking enough. Papa is too big and Fritz is too thin. LOL. ^_^v


Opa and Oma had celebrated their 31st Wedding Anniversary. Both were asking us to join with them in lunch time at Saung Serpong, BSD. Fritz was joining with them while I and Ali were in another car buying Krupuk first before we met in the venue. 

Fritz - Mr Iron Boy

Fritz was trying to cycle the tricycle.

My class was going over in few days after all the students finished with their final exam. I asked Fritz whether he wanted to join with me to Alpha, my work field. He said he wanted to. So I bought a helmet for him, Angry Bird as he asked for. 

Today was our first journey with motorbike together. I drove super slow as I was a bit afraid something happened in the way. Thankfully we're back safely. 

After the journey

My little boy!

It's Saturday and it's time for three of us having family time. This time, we chose sushi for our lunch. As we know sushi is quite expensive but we have a venue that Sushi is selling with inexpensive price, D'Sushi Bodo. It's taken place at Sunter. Fritz wasn't very into with Sushi so he just had udon for his lunch. 

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