Sunday, June 23, 2013

K4 : Week 12

Fritz is currently 4 years 2 months

For 4 weeks from now, we're gonna have Summer Class presented by Catalyst Enrichment Center. One of my friend held this Summer Class and she asked me to join together with her as partner. So during my holiday, we're gonna spend lots of having fun together. 

Making Whale from origami

Story retelling by Ms Yuli, 3 Little Pigs. How kiddos loved to hear it so much!!

Ms Yuli was explaining about the life cycle of chicken

Marble painting. It's Celine, she's busy rolling the marble in the tray for painting the cow's body.

While the others were busy with the worksheet, this kid {Jeremy} were busy with his snacks. :P

Jocelyn was making a hand octopus

Pasting the pictures of Sea animals. The kids were totally excited!!

It's Nicole, she's making dots on her Octopus

Our plants!

Cooking time!! They put some jellies into the plastic glass and poured the syrup.

Reading Eggs

Yeaaahh.....he passed level 4 this week!! Good job, Fritz!!


It's the end of our teaching class in Alpha, my work field. We had a gathering time in Bandar Djakarta GreenBay. Fritz didn't left behind, he joined with us in this happy lunch time. 

We went with bike after the summer class. When we arrived, no one had come yet. We had to wait for half an hour before our lunch time. Papa was also joining with us after he delivered his friend, Tante Yossy, to KFC in PIK. 

Thanks for our great year, teachers!! ^_^

After the class, Nicole asked Fritz to go swimming with her. It's noon already but the kids were so exciting to go inside the pool. OMG! Moms, like usual, were busy chit chatting. LOL. What a nice day! :)

We went to Ancol. More stories here...

After we went from Ancol, Papa wanted to delivered grapes to his cousins named Kuku Sisca (Aunty). She has a boy who is the same age as Fritz and his name is Erland. Both were so excited playing together though in the end they were busy playing by themselves. Fritz played with the piano, pretending as a singer, while Erland was busy searching the difference between two pictures in his book. Though Erland is looking fatter than Fritz but both has the same weight, 16 kg. :D

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