Sunday, June 02, 2013

K4 : Week 9

Fritz is currently 4 years 2 months


Fritz has learnt how to read using phonic. So I think, he's ready now to do Phonic Readers 2 that I'd bought several years ago. Now, reading is getting easier for him. He can read simple words and I think I owe Reading Eggs for it. LOL. Teach a kid how to read is really not easy and I'm so grateful I found RE from my beloved friends. 

Reading Eggs

Yeaaah....Fritz passed level 3. He got his first medal and look at his point, 14/15. Good job, boy!


What! Our origami site was missing. It said, "The website ahead contains malware!" So we had to find another source to make origami. Then, I found this site using a keyword, "origami for kids" : 

Fritz decided to make a chair and a table. With my help, finally he made it both of the creations. It's quite easy but not as easy as our common site. 

Learning Toys

For few days, he was busy making numbers using his blocks. He woke up then he went straight to his toy box and got this. Few minutes after that, he's making some numbers using those blocks. It's a progress actually for him as he's not a creative person. LOL. I quite amazed with his creations. Good job, boy!


This was Saturday and we had family time, just 3 of us. We bought a coupon from Disdus for bubble tea drinks. It's quite cheaper, for not more than 50,000 rupiah, we had 2 cups from Calais Bubble Tea at Mall @ Alam Sutera. Of course, Fritz was so excited with it. Yeah! We're like teenagers with a teen boy...LOL

On Sunday, we had to deliver Ichong-Khung {Papa's aunty's husband} to visit Pothai {great grandma}. Pothai is not in a good condition recently. She's not healthy as before. She's just sleeping on her bed along the day without willingly to do some activities. She's got a diabetic which she feels sleepy easily. So no wonder she prefers to sleep than do another things. Poor, Pothai! *hugs*

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