Sunday, June 16, 2013

K4 : Week 11

Fritz is currently 4 years 2 months

Yeaaah....we had lots of fun time this week!! After a week I had a busy time and I didn't have much time with Fritz then this week I and Fritz spent lots of time together. 


He did his Math worksheet through He's quite bored with this as they give lots of questions. So I had to stay beside him or he's gonna leave it. :D

Learning Toys

After he played as Batman, he took his oldies toys. He made some creations from all the shapes he took off from its place. Then one of his best creation was the train. He made a train from various kinds of shapes. What a good imagination he has!! Good job, boy!!


He loves coffee so much but he can't drink it too much. So no wonder he pretended drinking coffee when he drank some thing as same color as coffee like this. He drank Lo Han Kuo, a Chinese herb for healing the sore throat. The color of this drink is just same as coffee and he was pretended drinking coffee. LOL

He had some of Uncle's toys from his era, one of them are this. Of course he's so excited receiving it as now he likes being a superhero. He pretended to be a Batman though he never watched the movie. 


This week, Fritz insisted to follow Mama again to Alpha. This week was gonna be the last week before we had a month holiday. As there's nothing we're gonna do in the class, I agreed to ask Fritz to go there. He's absolutely so happy. Though he had to play with some friends that older than him few years ahead, he was so excited joining with their jokes. LOL 

Fritz was so excited when he knew that he was going to meet his friends that the same age and months with him. We're back again for a reunion. The story is here...

Fritz was joining in one of our best friend's wedding. Here's the story...

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