Saturday, August 03, 2013

Fun : Lippo Karawaci Mall

After my Saturday private class, we and my aunty's family had to meet one of my friends to discuss about a house in her house at Lippo Karawaci. Several hours after that, we're so starving and decided to go to the nearby mall. As Fritz wanted to eat pizza, so we rushed to Pizza Hut. Badly, we had to wait for 11 guests before we had our seats. It took so long, our tummy really needed to be filled. Then we decided to eat at Yoshinoya.

Mall was absolutely so crowded at that time as it's fasting months. We're in the wrong time they waited for their void fasting. It's really not a great decision we went to the mall. :D

After we had our dinner in small table for 6 persons, we said goodbye to my aunty's family. Before we went home, I wanted to have a treat for myself. I ordered Sour Sally. Look so yummy, wasn't it?! :9

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