Sunday, August 18, 2013

K4 : Week 20

Fritz is currently 4 years 4 months

I still have a holiday for a week but we didn't much at home. We were busy looking for a house to stay. We also celebrating our Independence Day this week.

For celebrating our Independence Day, every single house has to put our national flag, Red and White, in front of our house. It's the first time for Fritz to see how his Uncle put on the flag on a bamboo. After took almost half an hour for that simple thing, finally the flag was in the air. Then, he made this pose all by himself with shoes like in flag ceremony. Wow! :D

Today, we learnt about water cycle from BrainPop.Jr. Fritz was so excited watching it. Too bad, I didn't support this theme with anything he could do such as activity or creativity. :(

Learning Toys

Finally I could take my own properties after Summer Class time. My partner, Ms Yuli, asked for several time when I had time to take all my stuffs from her place. I found a difficulty in arranging time with her. At last, I could take those too during this holiday by borrowing my brother's car {too bad, I lost his earphone Bluetooth and I had to pay for 200K rupiah for that.}

This afternoon, after the maid had done mopping the floor, just few minutes after that, Fritz played with all the foam mat. He arranged the mat on the floor like that. He said he wanted to play hopscotch. Then he got difficulty in tidying up with all those. Huh! -___-"

He always asked me to play cards with him. He doesn't have any proper cards actually to play. I think it's a good start for him to know more about UNO cards. Yup! He was totally excited to play with it. It's great for kids to play as they learn about colors and numbers, they also learn how to add the 2+ and 4+ cards. He played this almost till his sleeping time. Boy!


This was his first time being a model for the clothes I sold. He looked so gorgeous, huh? ^_^

This weekend, we spent time for looking a house for us. We decided to look around Serpong and it took almost half day for it. All of us were so hungry after that, especially Fritz. So, we had a dinner at Giant BSD. It's his hungry expression when he ate his fried rice! LOL 

PS: He got his first green chili and stopped his eating after that. His face was totally red and couldn't stop drinking his water. Papa bought an ice cream to make him calm. LOL

We had a birthday invitation from Tante Indah Puspita (Inpus). She was celebrating her first birthday boy named Drago. I and Ali were coming late as we was looking for a house again all that morning. Fritz was going with my family. When I came, he was sitting nicely on a chair joining the party as he loved it. 

He also joined the games with the bigger kids. He had to blow the balloon and he came to me for blowing it for him. What a great idea, huh! LOL

He ate his McDonalds

The birthday boy, Drago

Dwarfs with kiddos, only 4 of us...missing 5 of them. Where are you gals?

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