Sunday, August 11, 2013

K4 : Week 19

Fritz is currently 4 years 4 months

We had Eid holidays. For a week we spent days together, 24 hours in 7 days. Not much we could do as some groceries closed for almost a week. Thankfully we had enough stock of groceries for a week. :P

Lotte Shopping Avenue
Lebaran holiday was coming and it's time to have fun in Jakarta where lots of people were going back to their hometown.

This week we went to new mall, Lotte Shopping Avenue. For us it's a new mall since we're rarely going to the mall.

There lots of spots for the visitors to take pictures. We also took some pictures.

Pretending to climb this as Spidey did

Under the fake pouring rain

Travelling to China with my MIL

Papa and Fritz tried to call Princess Mama

Oh noo...there's a dino behind you, Mama. Let's run!!!

The icon of this mall

What a giant scope of ice cream


We went to Puncak for spending our Lebaran holidays. Here the complete story...

Kelapa Gading Mall

Papa was delivering a family to Taman Safari in the 2nd day of Eid. He went very early and we predicted that Papa would come home very late. There's nothing we could do in our apartment then we decided to go the nearby mall, Mall Kelapa Gading. He asked for having dinner in AW and he asked a cone of ice cream for his dessert. We had a date! ^_^

Pizza Hut

The next day, we went to mall again. It's the third time in this week, OMG! 

It's time for Papa treated us with pizza in Pizza Hut. Yay!! Of course Fritz was so happy. He ate 2 slices of pizza..^_^

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