Sunday, August 25, 2013

K4 : Week 21

Fritz is currently 4 years 5 months


We tried a new worksheet from COAH. Actually, I've printed it few months ago but he always refused when I asked him to do this. Since he's getting used to with writing, he finally wanted to do this worksheet.


We had fun with Nicole, playing bubble in her carport. Both were busy blowing their bubbles. I used the same recipe for the bubbles; vegetable oil, dish soap and water. 


Fritz was invited to see Nicole when she had Hip Hop class. I asked Fritz to join with them but of course he refused. He said that Hip Hop was just for girls so he didn't wanna join. He was busy with himself doing some tricks in floor dance. :P

After the Hip Hop class, we visited her store. She asked Fritz to join with him decorating the mannequin with stickers in the corner of the store while her mom was in Salon. LOL 

It's his breakfast...simple breakfast; a toast and a small glass of chocolate milk. Nyaammmm....

Fritz was having fun with friends from Roemah Hati...more story here...

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