Sunday, September 08, 2013

K4 : Week 23

Fritz is currently 4 years 5 months


The worksheets were from COAH. He had to guess the middle letter of CVC words. He still needed help when doing it. 

Worksheets from KindergartenKindergarten became his favorite one. This time, he had to arrange the sentence. I helped him a bit {combining the sentence as it's his first time arranging words into sentence} and he did the rest. Good job, boy!


During Sunday Mass, Fritz was idle as usual. He got a free paper and a pen. He drew this. Left picture was him and Nicole, his very best friend recently, completed with a shirt and a belly on them. They pretended walking down the street and there's a car on it. The next one on the top right was his house. The scrambled one was the garage and a street. Down right was Nicole's house, again with garage but none street. How lovely his pic! :D

After the mass, he asked for this Yupi gummy along the way home. He remembered me again and again to get this. So we had to drop at the nearby supermarket around Opa's house to buy this. Ugh! >,<

Then he said he wanted to share this to Nicole. Sweet! ^_^

We rarely went together with Opa and Oma to a wedding party. Tonight, they asked us to join with them attending a party held by their old friend from school. It's a good offer for us having a free dinner. :P

I knew it's a kinda weird but we sometimes had this kind of opportunity as we delivered my MIL to wedding party. This time, we had it from my side.

Sorry, no picture attached..

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