Sunday, September 15, 2013

K4 : Week 24

Fritz is currently 4 years 5 months


We continued with Phonic from he loved to do it, especially when he had to color the words. Next, he had to cut the letters and pasted it next to the words. It's really fun!


Fritz is getting great in addition. I gave him another challenge, he had to count the domino dots. He's a bit confusing with it but he could finish it with my help. 

Learning Toys

Recently he loves to play with cards. Before he went to sleep he asked me to play Uno cards with me. After few roles,  I asked him to sleep but he refused it. He found another cards from his drawer, domino shape cards that we got it from Chloe 3rd birthday. He said he anted to play with it. Though I needed to guide him along the play, he was really showing his excited face during the game. Oh boy! ^_^


This lil boy really has lots of style in eating. This time he ate his lunch shirtless and put his laptop in front him. He said he was on working. Silly boy!!

I found this picture on Nicole's room when I came for teaching her. Oh nooo....LOL

Fritz's favorite breakfast - bread filled with eggs and mayonnaise. Nice! 

Fritz was taking nap with Papa in Sunday noon. What a great time for Mama having me time. LOL


Again, we attended a wedding party and this time we had to deliver Popo to Balai Samudera. We met DJ Kemal, a radio announcer for Gen FM. We asked him to take a photo with us. LOL

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