Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Science : Water Bottle Fountain

I've got the idea when I was going to Learning Freedom Group on my FB. There's a mommy who always so diligent teaching her kiddos everything. She put resources for Science Experiment. Then, it's gonna be a great schedule for Fritz having simple experiment weekly. 

Our first Science Experiment was Water Bottle Fountain. It's very easy. 

- balloon
- an empty plastic bottle
- tack it
- straw
- cutter or screwdriver
- funnel
- a bottle filled with water
- a pump

To do:
1. Making holes on an empty plastic bottle using screwdriver or cutter
2. Put the straw and stick the tack it around, to make the water doesn't come out
3. Pour the water through the funnel
4. Blow the balloon using the pump and put the balloon around the mouth of the bottle. 
5. See how the water coming out from the straw. It shows there's air in the balloon pushing the water out.

As putting the balloon around the mouth of the bottle was not getting easier, Fritz decided to blow it by himself. He said he just pee using his mouth. Oh NOOOO....LOL

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