Sunday, September 29, 2013

K4 : Week 26

Fritz is currently 4 years 6 months

Worksheet from Explode The Code 1

Worksheets from Evan Moor


Worksheet from
Put the objects correctly as the number said!


We started to do Art again. I asked Nicole to join with us making Alphabet's Hand Print Art. We did the Apple. I asked these kids to find a leave and a twig for their apples. Wow! It's really nice apple!!


We delivered Popo to a wedding party. This time, the couples were coming from Java. They held a Rama and Shinta dance for their opening party. As it's Fritz's first time, he was so enthusiast watching the dance. It's a romantic story dance. I also was so impressed with this dance. Learning could be everywhere! 

Popo has celebrated her 55 years birthday. She asked all of her children to have dinner at Golden Ming in Hotel Acacia. It's an All You Can Eat Dim Sum Restaurant. She bought a voucher from Disdus as she's got impressed when we asked her last time. 

I made an Oreo Cheese Cake for her. It's my first coming back baking a cake and it's also my very first time making this kind of cake. Not really too difficult but I was so afraid it's gonna be failed. very first Oreo Cheese Cake

The members of family after the dinner

Popo was blowing the cake

Cut the cake

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