Sunday, March 02, 2014

K4 : Week 48

Fritz is currently 4 years 11 months

Happy Birthday Oma

Today is Oma's birthday and I made a cake for her. The cake was extremely 'hot'! Fritz said many times that I didn't make the lady's dress properly and insisted to add the fondant for the dress. Innocent boy! LOL

He waited for Oma's going home to blow the cake and pose together. And here they are....^_^

Bahasa Indonesia

Captured by Papa! Fritz was learning Bahasa Indonesia with me.

Practical Life

He tried to help me cutting the yellow tofu. I had bought a knife from a friend of mine and it's safe for kids. So now, it's very fine if he wants to help me with knife. Thanks for helping me, boy! ^_*


I realize I didn't have any quality time with Fritz recently. This morning, I decided to ask him doing an outdoor activity - biking and playing swing in the park. He was enjoying our time together and that's nice! We ended our stroll by having breakfast across the park; chicken noodle. Thanks for today, boy! ^_^


Nicole is his very best friend or we can say his puppy love. Nicole is a special friend for him. When she celebrated her birthday, he made a greeting card for her. FYI, he had practiced to write "NICOLE" for times. ^_^

The party was held at her Opa's house and it's full decorated with Frozen as she loves Frozen very much. Fritz was really enjoying himself at that party. He even laughed louder than the others when the magician showed silly tricks. LOL

After we're done with the party, we decided to go to Tante Ines's house to meet Benn's Oma there. How happy this two boys playing together while 4 of us were busy talking each other. Both looks alike, just like twins. LOL

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