Sunday, March 23, 2014

K4 : Week 51

Fritz is currently 4 years 11 months

Practical Life

I bought this chopstick a year ago in Korean shop but he just used it once. Suddenly, he asked this chopstick again to be used for eating his noodle. He's better now using it than last year. :D


This morning, we had a morning cycling. We changed our route and I brought him to this play ground near my primary school. I think this play ground was really designed for sunbathing for children. So they were exercising their gross motor as well sunbathing while playing in these bars. How happy he was when he knew there's lots of monkey bars to play. Though the slide wasn't properly anymore, he's quite fun with the bars. We played for {maybe} 15-20 minutes there before I asked for having noodle for breakfast near this play ground. Next time we should go here again, boy!


One of my besties's gank, Emil, had celebrated her son 1st birthday at Bakmi Gajah Mada, Sarinah. I love the place as it has own big place for party. It's very recommended for having children birthday party. 

Too bad, I didn't like the MC. He asked me and Papa to go forward and we had to do something in front. Whoaaah.....silly us! LOL 

This Sunday Mama met a friend from Malang. She stayed at her parents' house in Rawamangun. Her name is Kristien. The house itself is quite shaddy filled with lots of trees and plants. I love this kind of house. Then Fritz found his treasure place to play. There's a playground in front of her parents' house and Fritz was totally excited playing there. There is a high slide and swing and also few children around 10 years playing soccer. Fritz seemed to join with them but he's too small to play with. So he just tried to involve by helping them took the outside ball. What a handy boy! Mama and Tante Kristien were busy chatting each other. What a nice Sunday!! ^_^

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