Sunday, March 09, 2014

K4 : Week 49

Fritz is currently 4 years 11 months

Ash Wednesday

Going to church for Ash Wednesday Mass, joined with St.Leo school. My silly boy! ^_^

Bahasa Indonesia

I asked him to do dictation for Bahasa Indonesia. Actually, the idea was coming out very sudden. With a calendar paper, he had 2 syllablles words dictation. He's quite okay though he still needed help a bit. Good job, boy!


I made dumplings for our lunch that day and he said he wanted to help me. Just making one dumpling and he said no more. *sigh* 

Practical Life

His decay teeth pushed him to brush his teeth recently. Few days ago, he had a toothache and I insisted to bring him to dentist, my cousin that he called Om Tito. He had to fix 2 teeth of him and he felt, of course, uncomfortably with that situation. So, since that day, he wanted to brush his teeth daily. Good reason to be healthier, boy! *eyesrolling*

After making dumpling, he had nothing to do then he went out bringing a cloth. He cleaned up my motorbike with that cloth. OMG. I was so speechless between happy {having such hard working boy} and mad {using that cloth for my dirty motorbike}. My big boy!! 


This boy was really craving for pizza. He really really loves pizza so much! 

Here's my handsome boys will be in the future and one of them is my sleepy boy with unusual style. LOL Two of them are Maverick and Seiya. Maverick is a Medanese boy who is very smart in academics as well as in social knowledge. Seiya is a Japanese boy who has father from Indonesia. Both are idols for girls in their school. WOW! ^_^

Honestly, I've never showed him I pray before eating in public places and I'm a bit shy to show it off. He did it! How shame of me as a mom who doesn't any brave to pray. Thanks for showing your braveness, boy! 

Every Saturday, we have to order Lo Cu Pan for his breakfast before I go for teaching my private class. I don't know why he loves this food so much. Lo Cu Pan is a another kind of kway teow or shahe fen and its made from rice too. 

This Saturday, we had fun in Timezone, Mall Alam Sutera. Of course, he was so excited. 

This was his first time playing fishing. Firstly, he couldn't get any fish. I needed to help him to fish it. He just got 10 minutes to learn how to fishing and he enjoyed it so much. However, we were little bit disappointed when we knew that the price was only a black pen. LOL

After last time playing this with me, he always refused to play it again. Suddenly, he wanted to play again with Papa. Though he showed stressful face, he's quite enjoyed it. LOL

Another birthday party for this March, Gaby's 1st birthday {Rafael's sister}. It held at Kelapa Gading Sports Club. What a great party!!

Firstly, he didn't want to join the games as we came a bit late. Then, after we had lunch, he wanted to join the chair games. Badly, he lost the game in the first row. He didn't get any chair. He gave the chair to the girl. LOL

It's when the silly MC asked the children to dance Gangnam Style mixed with Dangdut songs. What a fun! 

After the party, Papa's friends and the wives decided to have fun together after long time we didn't have this moment. We decided to gather at Starbucks. Fritz as usual just played with Lona, his besty and the only friend he has at that time. :D Look how lovely these kids playing together while moms and dads were busy chatting. 

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