Sunday, March 30, 2014

K4 : Week 52

Fritz is currently 5 years 

Happy Birthday

Here's my birthday boy!

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Bahasa Indonesia

This dictation has to be in our curriculum for next 2nd Kindergarten year. He's quite good in doing the dictation in Bahasa though I had to remind her about the letters he wrote. Sometimes he wrote with capital letters in the middle of the words or even he forgot how to write the letters. So far he's good enough to know exactly the letters.  

It's gonna be his amazing birthday present ever. LOL 

A day before he had his birthday, I asked him to go to Kidzania. 

Here are what we do!
Pretending as a fire fighter. 

Trying to go to the bank by himself. Now he has his own ATM. :D

Working as a window cleaner

Enjoying time in the library and having 20 Kidzos here. Hoorayy!! ^_^

Working as a labor in Shoes Factory. Playing soccer too!!

Becoming a painter

Riding a car and trying to fill the gas by himself

Making a Driving Licence and Becoming a pilot

..and ended up by making nugget

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A big family dinner with Iie Pho. Here's the complete story...

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