Thursday, November 17, 2011


Day 1
We started our Spider week by finding a different object in each row. He asked Oma to sit still beside him during his learning. He wanted to show off to his Oma. ^^ Of course Oma amazed with his ability. He could find every different object correctly.

Then, we continued to make puzzle. It's a piece of cake for him. He had to arrange the number below into the correct number. Again, he could make it easily and proudly showed to Oma and Opa. ^^ tracing.....he pretended that he's a spider who wanted to get home by up-down way and zigzag way....hihihihi.....^^

Day 2
I think he loves tracing now. He's always so enthusiast grasping his little finger to make some lines. When I gave him this maze, absolutely he wanna do it. He got his black crayon and made it very nice. Then he showed proudly to Oma and Opa after that.

He's bored with this kind of puzzle. He's not really into when I gave him this activity. He took few more time doing it before finally he made it.

It's totally different when doing it. As it's a brand new thing for him, matching the letter puzzle, he's willing to make it.

Day 3
I gave him another letter puzzle the next day. It's the lower case one. Hmmmm....I think he's bored with the picture as all the puzzle using the same pic. Hihihiihihi.....^^

Sorting the spider into Small-Medium-Big. He took some time making it as I told before, he got boring with the pictures. Hehehehee......

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