Sunday, December 30, 2012

Preschool : Christmas Holiday

 Fritz is currently 45 months 

This year, thankfully, we had so much fun during our Christmas holiday. Here what we did.....
We've got lots of cheap books from Books store at Balubur Town Square. It's very recommended place for buying second import books. They sold tons of books and quite cheaper. There's a sticker behind the books to know the price based on the color. We chose the green sticker as it's the cheapest one, 15,000 rupiahs each. Thanks to my friend who recommended this store to us, Ms Suzanna. 
note: need to get back here again!! :)

Practical Life
He said he wanted to wash his own plate after he ate his meal. Really appreciate his willingness to help me. Thanks, my boy! *kiss*

This Christmas holiday, we're having fun with Papa's maternal family. We're going to Bandung and staying in Dago for 3 days. Stories more in here.

After we went from Bandung, we're having Christmas Eve's mass at Atma Jaya University. We sat together with Lona and Rafael. Today was Lona's birthday. Look at her with Minnie Mouse's ear. She looked so pretty. <3 p="p">
We had treated by Lona's parents at Kuningan City to celebrate Lona's day. Lona was so happy and she showed her blowing candles pictures again and again to us. LOL. Love this girl so much!! *kiss*

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