Sunday, December 16, 2012

Preschool : Letter R

Fritz is currently 44 months 2 weeks

Letter R
I was busy in the kitchen when he asked me to study that day. He insisted to learn though I said later. Then, I just gave him the paper and he became so busy with all of the worksheet. I just assisted a while then I continued my cook. In the end, I got some was completed it nicely but some was being messy in his hand. :D
Fritz started to learn addition. It's still simple addition and using a material that I've bought from Asemka. He's quite good enough and understand the concept using the material. He even asked more and more to do the worksheet. It's fun for him. Thanks God he liked it. :) 
He just found again his 'friends' in the warehouse when he followed Oma looking for the Christmas Tree there. He was so happy seeing them again. Then, he put them on the chair and gave them umbrella while he was busy decorating the tree. LOL 
It's almost Christmas and it's time for decorating the tree. He of course loved this activity so much and couldn't wait his time to do it. Last year, he's a bit bored with this activity and preferred playing with the ornaments. This year, he involved in decorating it. He's quite satisfied with his decoration. FYI, he hummed "Jingle Bells" all the time. :D

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