Sunday, December 09, 2012

Preschool : Letter Q

Fritz is currently 44 months 1 week

Letter Q
Circling letter Q objects

Another worksheet to know more Q objects

Circling letter Q in the picture

Coloring the pattern into a picture of Quail

Q objects

Making Question by connecting the dots of letters

The Queen wants to get her Quilt

All about Q

Q maze

Circle letter Q in Rhyming

Lower case of Q

Upper case of Q 
Numbers...numbers...and numbers....
He loves everything about numbers. He loves counting objects and counting in sequence and also he loves doing maze worksheet.
He started to learn more numbers than 20. He's quite good enough though he still needs more practice on writing the numbers nicely.
Role Play
He pretended to fix his bike with his tools. He tried to fix the wheel or the other part of his bike. Kinda cute of him! I love when he played beyond his imagination sometimes. :)
Silly boy! He got inside the almond box while Papa was measuring the almond. LOL 
This Saturday, we're being invited by Ms Ines to come to her Farm. Story here

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