Sunday, December 23, 2012

Preschool : Christmas

Fritz is currently 44 months 3 weeks

Christmas Theme
I've got the printables from 3 Dinosaurs and A Heart From Home. Too bad that the prints out weren't nice because of the lack of ink.
Counting the objects using pegs

Color the letter C

Following the direction

Doing maze

Matching the pictures

Filling the missing numbers

Circling the odd ones 

Doing more, less and equal worksheet

Sequencing the pictures

Tracing various lines

Doing puzzle
Time for breakfast! As it's Christmas week for us, I made a Christmas Tree Pancake for him. He surely loved it so much. I decorated this Christmas Pancake with some chocolate sprinkles and a little red syrup with almond as the topping. Loved to see him grabbing this pancake! ^_^

Fritz was visited by Vyel and Yla, one of Mom's friends. He's so happy to play with them. Full story here

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