Sunday, December 02, 2012

Preschool : Letter P

Fritz is currently 44 month

Letter P

Coloring the pattern into a picture

Coloring the objects that starting with letter P

Circling letter P in the picture

Connecting the dots into a pen

Making letter P

Connecting the letter P into a Pen

Circling letter P in a Rhyme

Circling objects that starting with letter P

P maze. Though it's quite difficult, he loves it so much

A book of P objects, from Reading A to Z

The Parrot needs to go home

Upper case of P

All about letter P 
Language Worksheet

He learnt to recognize the first letter of objects. He successfully understood it very well.

It's Dr Seus Activity Book that I've got it from Fritz was able to know the first letter of the objects. 

Math Worksheet
Connecting the dots to make a juggling clown.

Connecting the numbers to make a star

Write the number in sequences

Matching the whales

 Various worksheet that he did during the week

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