Thursday, February 28, 2013

Butterfly Metamorphosis

Recently, I and Fritz had a little project of simple science. Starting from one of my best role in homeschooling, Sis Ratna, she showed me how she adores these insects so much. I was also falling in love seeing these beautiful creatures. Then I decided to learn together with Fritz knowing more about its metamorphosis.

We learnt how to see a caterpillar to be a chrysalis or cocoon then being a beautiful butterfly. Firstly, we had a little difficulty to find the caterpillar. It's hard to find it everywhere because of my lack skill about it. LOL. 

Then, Sis Ratna gave me 2 pretty caterpillars. I bought these to Alpha, my work field. Some of students were so enthusiast with them though some were a bit scared. They wanted to see how they ate the leaves. I was so unlucky that I couldn't see those being butterflies. Both of them were died few days after they were being chrysalis. I failed!

I was still curious. Then, I asked Fritz to have a walk in the afternoon. I also brought a cage for it. After few times we tried, finally we found a caterpillar. Here's my first one. We're so enthusiast that we saw the stages till it's being a pretty butterfly.

Then my private students suddenly gave me this caterpillar and a gold chrysalis. I kept the chrysalis and I asked him to take care the caterpillar. Here's my second butterfly. Great one!

And the last one, I found lots of caterpillars around of a palm tree in my work fields. It's really lots of! More than 15 caterpillars and chrysalis I had. One by one being a butterfly in every single day. So happy seeing them flying to the new world. 

It's really a process of our homeschooling. Learning from everything! :D

I put the project at Project Noah.

The source to find the name of these at Butterfly Circle Checklist.

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