Sunday, February 24, 2013

Preschool : Letter V and Valentine

Fritz is currently 46 months 4 weeks

This week, we still continued our Letter V and Valentine's worksheets. Here what we did during this week.

Letter V
His most favorite worksheet, V maze

Coloring by an order

Coloring V objects

Color the Vases

Connect the dots into a vase

Connect the dots into letter V

Vine to Vegetables

Trace lowercase letter V

Coloring letter V objects

V nursery rhymes

Circle V objects

All about letter V and its objects

Trace uppercase letter V

Connect V dots into Volcano
Valentine's Theme
Connect the dots based on numbers to make double heart

Do simple addition

Heart maze, he needed help doing it

Color the same hearts

Do simple subtraction

Do another simple subtraction

He's trying to capture himself in a photo using my camera. How sweet his smile!! 

There's a cafe near Oma's house, KOKI cafe. They gave a big promotion, selling a Rp1,- bread every Wednesday. Of course, I was so enthusiast hearing it. 

So early in the morning, I asked Fritz to wake up and hurriedly we went there. On our way, I assumed that there's gonna be lots of people who had same enthusiast as I did. Then I said to Fritz, if there's too much people, we had to back home without getting any bread. 

Ohh....I was totally wrong. There's only us who had big passion in Rp1,- bread!! LOL

It's Fritz who was eagerly eating his pizza bread. He's trying to finish it though it's a bit spicy.....:D


This weekend, we didn't get back to our apartment. We had something to do around that noon. During the evening, after we went home from church, we had an invitation from Om Arief to come to his house. He cooked Lontong Cap Gomeh. Wohoooo......

It's the first time for Fritz to go by motorcycle with us in the real way - usually only around the neighborhood.  Using a cap and jacket, Fritz was sitting between us. He was so thrilled!! 

Fritz was happy playing with Om Arief. He was totally happy as Om Arief could entertain him very well. Both were busy playing with cars. Fritz also said that he's going to show off his Buzz to Om Arief. OMG!! ^_^ 

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