Sunday, February 10, 2013

Preschool : Letter U and Chinese New Year

Fritz is currently 46 month 2 weeks

Usually, we had a Chinese New Year theme but this time we didn't. For sure we didn't have it as I was totally scared of snake. :P So sorry, boy. I'm really terribly afraid of it. We just continued to letter U this week. :D

Letter U
Circle the U objects

Another phonic worksheets

Color U objects

Nursery Rhymes

U Letter Maze

Another maze, his favorite

Making letter U and some words using U

Connect the dots to make Umbrella

Another Umbrella

Color by order

Lowercase of U

Uppercase of U


This time, we had an Under Sea Project. I've got the idea from Pinterest and the other resources. Then I've this idea. :P This project was quite easy and used cheap materials.

For the background:
I used an Indomie cardboard that I could find easily at my home. Then I covered the base with blue manila carton. We decorated with seaweed from green asturo paper and dolphins sequences. 

The actors:
Crab, turtle, jellyfish and whales were using egg carton that I've got it from traditional market near us. We colored the shells using paint. Fritz helped me coloring those. And I also needed colorful pipe cleaners and wiggle eyes.

For the fishes, I drew it by myself and I asked Fritz to color using his crayons. Paste the eyes and I pasted it using tape and silver string. 

Now it seemed like a small miniature under the sea. Yeaaah....^_^


Happy Chinese New Year! Please welcome......Snake Year!

Full story here....

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