Sunday, February 03, 2013

Preschool : Letter T and Transportation Part II

Fritz is currently 46 months 1 week

So many fun things we did this week. We're still busy playing with Letter T and Transportation Project.

Letter T
Circle the T objects

Color T objects

All about letter T

Nursery Rhymes

Transportation Theme
I'd taken the worksheets from various sources. 

Color the traffic light

Help the biker to have his lunch in a maze

Circle the bigger things

Trace the lines of airplanes

Color the vehicles

Connect the dots into helicopter picture

Count the wheels

Paste the transportation into the correct places

Circle the transportations

Name the place of the transportation

Circle the odd ones

Do school bus puzzle

Match the traffic sign shapes

Do the road maze

Count simple addition of transportation

Do simple subtraction

Circle not-transportation ones

Name the transportation

Match the color

Match the transportation from the notes

Match the shadow

Put the vehicles into the correct place

Paste the traffic sign

Match the riders


This time, we decided to make some public places. We used several used cartons with various shapes then we wrapped it with white manila carton. After that, we painted with colorful paints. He's so enthusiast of course. When those had already been painted, I asked him to write the names. I spelled it for him. Then, he pasted the name on those. He was so happy that he could put the cars inside the house. Here's our project for Transportation theme. :D


He's trying to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. See the paper in front of him. That's the cheat. :p


Fritz was enjoying his party time again. Full story here...

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