Sunday, February 17, 2013

Preschool : Valentines

Fritz is currently 46 month 3 weeks

This week there's 2 occasions; Ash Wednesday and Valentine's Day. 

Valentine Theme
Doing simple valentine addition

Time to do the maze

Connecting the dots

With help he did this maze

It's a bit challenging for him to do this maze

Matching the shapes

Filling the blanks

Doing the simple subtraction

Another simple subtraction

Ash Wednesday

Together with me, Fritz followed an Ash Wednesday Mass. He has getting used with this routine, going to the church to follow the mass. This time was quite different that he had to be marked using ash in his forehead. Thanks God, he didn't show any complain. He even said to me not to let the ash gone. Good boy!

Practical Life

Actually it's purely just eating the sweets from his Popo that we called it Kamla. Usually he just ate it once in a year during Chinese New Year only. This time, he wanted to eat by himself. So I think it's the best time for him to learn how to eat it and take the seed out all by himself. It's just like learn how to eat an orange. :D


After we went from church, I asked Fritz to join the free trial of Sempoa. He was so excited as long as I was staying right there. He learnt how to use the material. Though it's new for him, he wanted to learn. Too bad, he didn't as excited as before. Maybe it's too much drills for him that I've never did it to him while we're learning. We're just studying for only half an hour everyday, but this time he had to do math for almost 45 minutes with the same material. We decided not to join with it. :D

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