Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kindergarten Curriculum

Hello wellow...we're coming to the end of our Preschooler's era. Now, it's time for us continuing our days being a Kindergartner  Here's our new logo. Later, I'll not write any months anymore under the logo, I'll put the years and month e.g: 4 years, 4 years 1 month, and so on. So it's gonna be easily for us to know the years. 

This year is quite different from previous years. It's a right time for Fritz to learn and explore more than before. I have lots of plan for this Kindergarten era. I really want him to be able to read simple words in English though few friends said it's better to teach Indonesian first. I hope I'm on the right path...

Here's our plan or curriculum, we could say so:
Focus on learning how to read using Phonic. I've already purchased some online learning and I can get some materials from there. 
- Raz-Kids (member)
- our collection books; phonic books (Ernie's)
- Reading A to Z (printed High Frequency Words)

- Simple Addition (<10 p="">
- Simple Subtraction (<10 p="">
- Fraction (whole, half, thirds, fourths/quarters)
- Money (introducing coins and paper money)
- Time (o'clock and half)
- IXL (online's math)

- do some simple project science
- gardening
- some themes: Human Body, Living and Non Living Things, Magnet, Sink and Float.

Art and Craft:

- counting and measuring the ingredients
- do simple cooking that Fritz can involve more

- learning pray: Hail Mary and Our Father in Heaven
- reading bible every night
- learning about bible story, the material and the lesson plan are taken from Garden of Praise and Sunday School Center.

I'm going to send him to a course. I hope it work this year. 

*Practical Life*
*PE* - swimming and riding 2 wheels bike
all the list are taken from Montessori lists from my cousin. Thanks, sista! :)

- read book everyday
- buy books using Charlotte Mason's lists monthly
- online bookstore: Better World Books and Book Depository

Field Trip
- Tea walk at Puncak
- Going to Monas with Trans Jakarta Bus
- Going to Bogor with train
- Seaworld
- Kidzania

I know it's a long list we have. I hope we can make it along our 2 years of Kindergarten year. Good luck for us!! :D

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